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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Top Tips for Surviving Infertility Treatment, Day Three--The Devil is in the Details!

Let me just warn you that the story I am about to relate will make you begin to seriously doubt my intelligence, but I am sharing it anyway in the hopes that my stupidity will not be all for naught.  Remember folks, do as I say, not as I do!

During my first IVF cycle, I became acquainted with one of my least favorite parts of infertility threatment, progesterone in oil shots.  Each night, my husband dutifully administered them, and I went hobbling about my business afterwards.  In addition to all the physical pain and suffering they caused, the shots were having another unwelcome side effect.  Although I didn't have a lot of bleeding with the initial injection, I was having a lot problems with (brace yourself here) oozing.  Underpants, pajama bottoms, and sheets were getting seriously stained at a record pace.  I began a complicated and time consuming regimen of soaking, washing, and bleaching, followed by a frustrated and expensive regimen of discarding and replacing.  I was complaining about this to my ever-sensible best friend, who remarked, "Wow, Lisa.  I think you should call the doctor.  It can't be right that you are oozing through all of those band-aids you are using."  Band-aids? Nobody told me to use band-aids!  It had never occurred to me, and it probably still wouldn't have if she hadn't mentioned it. I'd still be trying to get out those damned spots.

Needless to say, a quicik trip to the medicine cabinet and my problem was solved.

Moral of the story here?  You can't control the big stuff, but you can improve the process a bit by micromanaging it a little.  Think it through, and try to figure out all the little things you can do to make the process more bearable.  Things to read in the waiting room.  Special little treats after each injection.  Really good distractions to look forward to can also help!  After our conversation, my friend bought me a box of sparkly band-aids that made me smile every time I saw them, and that did take the sting out of the injection just a little bit.

Have a great day and I hope you come back tomorrow for more tips!

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